SAO patch (inspired by source material)
SAO patch (inspired by source material)

SAO patch (inspired by source material)

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These patches are 2 inches width and 1 inch in height. Embroidered on felt for easy application to anything you want to craft. Each order will consist of 1 patch: One of SAO patch.
If you notice the shipping costs are extremely low. These patches are so light and easily shippable in a simple white mailing envelope. This will be more cost effective for all!
Please allow 3-4 weeks shipping time for International purchases.
***Iron instructions***
1. Preheat your iron and make sure to turn off steam
2. Place them on the item you want to adhere them to.
3. Gently press the hot iron to the patch and count to 10. Your patches will be hot, so please wait several minutes before touching to avoid burning yourself.
Your patches should be set! Enjoy!